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(solved paper continuation)                                                                                                         

47). Effective communication pre-supposes (1) Non-alignment (2) Domination (3) Understanding     [Effective communication means communication having impacts. Non-alignment  means neutrality. Domination means showing superiority. Passivity means not being active. Understanding means knowing. It is positive .the other3 are negative answeris (4])                                                                                                                       

48). When verbal and non-verbal messages are contradictory, it is said that most people believe in (1) indeterminate messages (2) verbal messages                                                                                                                                            (3) non-verbal messages     

(4) aggressive messages [Contradictory means opposite, indeterminate  means not definite, aggressive means angry and violent. non-verbal message is  without the use of spoken language. Non-verbal message includes gestures, facial expressions, and body positions  Answer (3)]                                                                                                          

49). The typical feature of an information-rich classroom lecture is in the nature of being (1) Sedentary (2) Staggered (3) Factual (4) Sectoral                                                                             

[Sedentary means sitting a lot and refers to a person or job that is not very physically active. Staggering means walking or moving unsteadily, as if about to fall.  Factual means  concerned with what is actually the case.Sectoral means relating to a distinct part or area.In an information-rich classroom, there will be teaching aids projector,T.V, radio etc.Here lecture is in factual nature.

Ans:- (3)] 50). Expressive communication is driven by (1) Passive aggression (2) Encoder’s personality characteristics (3) External clues (4) Encoder-decoder contract                     

[Expressive communication involves sending a message to another person(s) to (a) make something happen or (b) stop something that is already happening. Children and youth who are deaf-blind are able to express themselves in many different ways.There are two types of communication namely verbal and non-verbal.In expressive communication emotion of sender/encoder is expressed. Encoder’s personality is expressed. Hence answer is (2)]                                                 

51). Positive classroom communication leads to                                                                                       

(1) Coercion  (2) Submission  (3) Confrontation (4) Persuasion                                                                   

[ Coercion is forcing someone to do something which they don’t like. Submission the action of accepting or yielding to a superior force. Confrontation is a dispute, fight, or battle between two groups of people.  Persuasion is a form of influence. It is the way to get people to agree with an idea, attitude, or action. In the choices the first three viz (1) Coercion (2) Submission (3) Confrontation are negative Only(4) Persuasion is positive and hence it is the answer.]                                                                                                                                                                  

52). Classroom communication is the basis of (1) Social identity (2) External inanities (3) Biased passivity (4) Group aggression.                                                                                                          

[Classroom communication exists in three categories: verbal, nonverbal and written. Verbal communication means anything that a teacher or student speaks aloud. Non verbal communication refers to body language that people express. Written communication is writing directed at a specific audience, such as report card comments or student assignments. Only(1) Social identity is positive All others negative. Answer is (1)]   

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